Monday, July 24, 2017

The secret to becoming a bestselling author

Years ago, when I was about to publish my first book on Amazon, I was chatting with an online friend of mine who had self-published about a dozen books. She had some success with it, so I asked her if she had any tricks or tips for me for selling books. This was her response:

"No tricks. Just writing lots of good books with great covers & blurbs."

I accepted the answer without further question. Clearly, she just published and was lucky enough to have sales. No tricks, right?

Except a couple of months later, I looked her up on Amazon again. And she had published a new short book called, I kid you not:

How to Sell Books on Amazon

And while I didn't purchase it, I read the sample in order to verify the book wasn't "Write good books" typed over and over and over.

Why are self-published authors so reluctant to divulge their "secrets"? Or do they actually have secrets? I have had a little bit of success with self-publishing and I don't think I have secrets. I run ads. I price books competitively. I discount books for sales. I make the first book of a series free. Those are my "secrets."

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